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Brick layering is the oldest, versatile, and most dependable of all means of building construction. We at Danville’s Concrete Masonry Co. are located in your proximity and have long years of experience with a well-equipped skilled bricklayer in Danville. If you are looking out for a brick masonry contractor, you will find no option better than us.

In order to help in making the right decision in choosing the right contractor, we submit below important information related to brick masonry. It includes the types of bricks, installation techniques. In case you further information, please call us at (925) 900-5404. We will feel obliged to comply with your needs.

Types of Materials Used for Bricks

  • Burnt clay bricks
  • Concrete bricks
  • Sand lime bricks
  • Fly ash bricks
  • Firebricks

Installing a Brick Veneer on an Exterior Wall

It is a tricky job and requires special skills to install a brick veneer on your wall’s external surface. When installed, they look solid stone walls. But, they are veneers of bricks that are framed and sheathed. We have special technicians for carrying out such jobs.


This again is a specialist job of a bricklayer. It involves the process of setting right deteriorated mortar joints that makes the entire brick structure vulnerable. If you find any trace of such deterioration on your brick wall, call on us at (925) 900-5404. We will depute our specially-skilled bricklayer who will remove the deteriorated mortar joints and pack them with new mortar. Although the job appears to be trivial, it involves delicacy, professionalism, patience, and perfection. We can assure you of all these.

Right Mortar Mix

Our bricklayer uses Portland cement for making different forms s of mortars such as N.O.S, and M. We recommend using type N mortar on the exterior and walls that are exposed to high heat and severe weather. We make the right mixing of mortar for brick masonry. We make Type N mortar mix by mixing I part Portland cement, 1 part hydrated lime, and six parts sand. This ensures a medium compressive strength that is required for interior and exterior load-bearing installations.

The Essentials of Quality Brick Layering

  • We make the following approaches for ensuring quality brick masonry.
  • Use bricks that are sound, tough, well-burnt, and hard, with uniform shape, color, and size.
  • Bricks we use are homogenous and are free from holes, air bubbles, and stone lumps. We soak the bricks in water for two hours before use.
  • We lay the courses of the bricks with truly horizontal and truly vertical joints.
  • We avoid using brick-bats
  • We uniformly raise the brick walls with the right bond by limiting the wall’s height to 1.5 meters a day

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