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Colored concrete is an integral part of decorative concrete, otherwise termed as architectural concrete. It is built on a concrete foundation to get the desired decorative color. Because of its increasing popularity, it is estimated to lead all other segments of concrete construction. Iron oxide pigments are used in decorative concrete.

We at Danville’s Concrete Masonry Co. have acquired the required know-how with our long years of experience. Our technicians are theoretically trained and practically well-versed in integrating the color. We don’t use dye, paint, or stain, but the pigments mined from the ground.

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Understanding Colored Concrete

Besides the naturally occurring pigments, these are manufactured by large chemical plants that are available in liquid, powder, or granular forms. The iron oxide pigment particles are one-tenth in size of that of cement. Therefore, the smaller pigment particles cover the larger cement particles when we add color to the cement-based mix or sack mix. We take maximum care to see that the required of cement to water is maintained. The addition of water changes the colored concrete permanently and lightens the final color. Thus, by adding water at different levels of concrete cement, we ensure different color slabs.

Role of Gray Cement in the Final Color

Because of the basic color of cement, the color of concrete is darker earth tone gray. In order to get the desired colored concrete, the color needs to overpower this base gray color. For getting a lighter color, white cement is required to be added to the mix. But as the color of Portland cement varies, we adopt the practice of batch-to-batch consistency. This is a highly technical job demanding professionalism and perfection. We at Danville’s Concrete Masonry Co. can handle such critical work perfectly to generate the desired colored concrete.

Curing of Colored Concrete

Proper curing is also important for reducing the surface shrinkage and cracking, thus ensuring the exact strength required. A slight deviation in curing generates inconsistent color and the very purpose of going in for colored concrete is defeated. We ensure that differences in color or shade of gray concrete are seldom noticed. Our guarantee is that even for a color difference, you can hold up our payment. If you are not satisfied, we will completely remove the concrete and re-pour it. We, therefore recommend the use of curing compound, matching with the colored concrete. We also make use of color wax.

Colored Concrete of Large Areas

It is here that, you will find our services most indispensable. The key jobs we undertake are sub-base preparation, finishing, placement, and maintenance. In case you are going in for a large area, you may consider breaking it with bands of various colors and textures. If the colored concrete is not cleaned and resealed periodically, the color is sure to change. But once you entrust the work to Danville’s Concrete Masonry Co., you can be assured of these critical factors.

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