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A picture of concrete finishing works in Danville.

The fact that concrete can be finished to give your surfaces a lavish and elegant look makes it one of the best construction materials. With finishing, an endless array of aesthetically appealing designs can be achieved on any concrete surface. Finishing is the answer if you are on a tight budget, but you need appealing concrete surfaces in your home. Give us a call today at Danville’s Concrete and Masonry Co. at (925) 900-5404, and we will send our expert concrete finisher over to finish your project.

There is a lot to gain from a finished concrete surface. Besides the aesthetics, other important properties finished concrete surfaces have over plain ones. Reach out to us and get more than just concrete services. For instance, when you get in touch with us, you get a free estimate for your concrete project. You can also give us a call if you need any advice on concrete projects.

Our Danville Finishing Services

At Danville’s Concrete and Masonry Co., we offer a range of concrete finishing types in Danville, California. Once you decide on which finishing design to go for, you can get in touch with us, and we will start working on your concrete surfaces. If you don’t know which option to go for you, don’t have to worry as we have got your back. Our concrete finishers can help you choose the right option if you are not sure which one to go for. We can get these common finishing techniques from you.

Stamped Concrete

This common finishing technique involves pressing concrete stamps with imprints onto wet concrete. The endless list of stamp designs available makes it a popular finishing technique in California. Concrete finished this way is also known to have extra strength and durability properties. Being a contractor with a proven track record when it comes to finishing, we should be the contractor to handle your finishing works. 

Stamped concrete also works best for surfaces that should be non-slip. When decking your pool with concrete stamping is the best way to finish it. A stamped deck provides traction making the surface slip-resistant.

Broom Finish

Just like stamped, broom finish is recommended for decks around pools as it creates traction hence a slip-resistant surface. A simple finishing technique involves dragging a special broom across wet and leveled concrete. This creates small ridges that are responsible for creating traction. 

The broom finish is an economical technique that will cost much less. A good concrete contractor can even finish your concrete surfaces after leveling free. When compared to stamping, broom finish is way cheaper and less complex.


Concrete staining is another common finishing technique that is well known for giving dry, dull concrete surfaces an elegant look. With any custom color, staining is able to transform your interiors and leave your home looking lavish totally. Staining works perfectly on both new and old concrete surfaces. If you are looking to achieve lavish-looking earthy colors on your floors, then this is just the option to go for. Call us today at (925) 900-5404 for quality concrete staining services in Danville, California.

Staining is not something you can easily do yourself. Although tons of self-reliant websites claim to offer tutorials, it is something better left to the experts. In Danville, California, no one is more experienced in staining than us at Danville’s Concrete and Masonry Co. (925) 900-5404 is the number to reach us if you need your concrete surfaces given a whole new look.