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As much as concrete is a strong construction material, it has its flaws, and from time to time, it does give in to damage. This may be due to aging or poor workmanship. When your concrete surfaces are damaged, you will obviously need an urgent solution. Previously the only solution when this happened would have been replacing the whole concrete surface. Nowadays, resurfacing is the way to go for damaged concrete surfaces.

This is the ideal option to fix damaged concrete surfaces considering its advantages over doing a replacement. At Danville’s Concrete and Masonry Co., we have enough experience and skills when it comes to concrete resurfacing.

You should give us a call at (925) 900-5404 anytime you need help to fix a damaged concrete surface. We are an affordable concrete contractor who has got you covered on all your concrete projects.

Types of Damage

Mechanical pressure, poor installation, and extreme weather conditions are the most common causes of damage. These are some of the common concrete surface damages that usually call for concrete resurfacing services. If you notice any of these on your concrete surface, give us a call, and our concrete finishers will be there to fix your concrete surface.


Cracks are common in most concrete structures and may not pose any serious risks if they are small. However, bigger cracks, which are usually a result of poor installation, pose a risk to your concrete’s strength and durability. Our experienced team of concrete finishers can help you fix cracks and restore the concrete to perfect shape. Get in touch with us at (925) 900-5404 if your concrete surfaces have cracks.


Fading is a common problem that occurs due to exposure to UV rays from the sun for a long time. This is a common problem in outdoor concrete structures like patios. Using brick for your outdoor structures is recommended as brick is fade resistant. At Danville’s Concrete and Masonry Co., we offer quality concrete services that will keep your concrete structures in a perfect condition for decades. Talk to us today and get a free estimate, among many other benefits. 


This is a rough, disproportionate, and pitted concrete surface. In most cases, spalling occurs when too much water was used when mixing concrete. The best way to avoid spalling is by working with a competent concrete contractor like us at Danville’s Concrete and Masonry Co.

Why Concrete Resurfacing?

Like we said before, Danville concrete resurfacing comes with many benefits that any homeowner shouldn’t ignore. When you reach out to us at (925) 900-5404, you get the concrete services you deserve at a pocket-friendly price.

The main reason why anyone should give us a call for resurfacing services instead of concrete replacement is the cost. You will spend more when you decide to replace a whole concrete surface instead of having our finishers resurface it for you. With a tight budget, concrete resurfacing remains the only wise option to go for.