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Concrete is a manmade material that is the prime choice of builders and contractors across the globe. All the structures that are giants and bear extreme loads like dams, bridges, buildings, etc. extensively use concrete as a construction material. It is also used to design items that as structural applications like drains, pipes, curbs, paviours, etc. The general use of concrete involves constructing slabs, blocks used to pave floors, ground, partition walls, foundation, etc. the outdoor area of your home and office can be elegantly covered using concrete. It is a very good idea to pave the open ground with a concrete mix.

The concrete steps in outdoor space can be used for a separate walkway to enter the house, leaving its surrounding areas for gardening. If you are planning to pave concrete steps inside or outside your house, call Danville’s Concrete & Masonry Co. at (925) 900-5404.

Our contractors provide the best concrete service including concrete steps in Danville.

Benefits of Concrete

Cost is an important factor in construction materials, and concrete serves the purpose in a relatively cheap manner. Though it is a cheaper material, there is no compromise with the strength and durability of any structure. A concrete mix can be poured to form any design and shape.

Concrete is a flexible material to construct steps or stairs. Constructing steps is a technical job, and professional help will complete the task satisfactorily. The professionals at Danville’s Concrete & Masonry Co. studied all the aspects and designs to construct the desired steps.

Steps for Construction of Concrete Steps


The height, the width of the floor, thickness of each step, angle of stairs, etc. are certain aspects that an engineer keeps in mind while designing concrete steps.

Foundation and Support

The foundation must be very strong as it has to bear the load of steps or stairs. Extreme care is taken to transfer the load and supporting the steps.


Stairs that are attached to the wall are properly marked on the wall to determine the line of flight, thread, and risers. This is done for proper fixing of formwork.

Steel Reinforcement

Steel bars are used to carry loads of the stairs and transfer them to the ground. The engineer calculates the requirement of the number of steel bars and their size. The steel bars are placed in the formwork with required spacing.

Pouring of Concrete Mix

The next step is pouring the concrete into the formwork, starting from the lowest step to the above. This step is very important for the strength and durability of steps. A good contractor uses equipment like vibrators while pouring the concrete mix to ensure all gaps are filled.

Once the concrete mix is dry out, the contractor removes the formwork. The next process is to carry out the finishing work to give it a complete and neat look. We at Danville’s Concrete & Masonry Co. patiently carry out the above job of constructing concrete steps as per the requirement of our clients. Some people involve themselves in doing the job on their own, but a touch of experienced leaves a lasting impact. Why wait?

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