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As the safest town in California—and the heart of San Ramon Valley—Danville’s standards for solidarity, serenity, and quality of lifestyle are unsurpassed. It’s a close-knit community that, with its quiet streets and charming architecture, seems fit for a romance novel. Danville’s Concrete & Masonry Co. is overjoyed to be a part of this community. The idea of contributing to its elegance, or maintaining it, inspires the artisans we employ. When you contact us for hardscape work in stone, brick, or concrete, you’re not just hailing expert service, you’re hailing a team that loves to be here.

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Many of the buildings in town are well over one hundred years old. They are named after the founders of the community, punctuating in a way the value of Danville’s feelings toward tradition. Clients who contact us for work on their homes or businesses often request that the contract maintain architectural respect for the structures already in place. We’re more than happy to meet these requests along with just about any other a patron may have.

Concrete in Danville, California features some of the most amazing homes, buildings, and infrastructures one can imagine. Whenever we’re called upon to install things like patios, pool decks, or driveways, we consider it an honor to be trusted with such incredible design. Nor do we limit our appreciation to huge mansions. Danville’s Concrete & Masonry Co. treats any home, big, medium, or small, with as much care as we do our very own. By incredible design, we mean every single building we work on. The best love for your home comes from you and for us, when the phone rings, it’s like an extension of those feelings.

When a client calls upon a contractor he or she doubtless has an exact plan in mind for what is needed. But on the rare occasions when they don’t we’d like to assure that not only do we know how to build, we provide helpful suggestions as well. These suggestions may concern things like matching a project to the landscape, choosing the right material, or even the best design for stamped concrete pavers. We’re masons. That means we’re also artists with an eye for both beauty and function.

Take for example a concrete pool deck. We’ve built a great many of these using multiple designs. For pool decks, however, it is especially important that the surface be safe as well as beautiful. This because of its tendency to get wet from swimmers splashing out of the pool. Clients who contact us ask for a broom finish or salt finish in order to increase traction for bare feet. Sometimes they even request a cool deck surface to deter the searing heat of the summer sun.
Danville’s Concrete & Masonry Co is your most reliable, skilled source for irreproachable construction. We also do masonry in concrete, brick, and natural stone. We consider it a privilege to serve a group of people that hold such high value for the past without losing its mind on possibilities for the future.

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