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Retaining walls, just as the name suggests, are important walls that are used for retaining purposes. Most home and property owners in Danville who intend to have this type of walls built often lack enough information. This article will help you know everything about these walls and the services we offer in Danville.

Concrete works like building a wall for retaining purposes usually requires the highest level of experience. It is not easy in Danville to find a contractor who can assure you of perfection when installing a wall to retain loose soil. At Danville’s Concrete and Masonry Co., we have installed countless retaining walls in Danville for several purposes. There is nothing to worry about when we get started on your concrete project with our rich experience. 

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When it comes to walls built to retain loose soil, perfection isn’t an option. These walls must be built to withstand pressure and last longer. Only a professional contractor with years of experience in the field can get you such a wall. Reach out to us whenever you need help with any concrete work and get value for your money. These are some of the questions commonly asked by Danville homeowners. 

How Tall Should a Retaining Wall Be?

A number of factors determine the height of this type of wall. Soil type is one of the many factors that will affect your wall’s length. If working on loose soil, your wall won’t be much taller. But for strong and firm soils, we can build a relatively long wall for you. Other factors that may determine your wall’s height include the slope and groundwater. At Danville’s Concrete and Masonry Co., we offer the best concrete services, and giving us a call should be a priority for your concrete projects.

What are Some Types of Retaining Walls?

The type of wall that will work best for you depends on a number of factors. Give us a call today at (925) 900-5404  for any of these walls.

Gravity Retaining Walls

These walls make use of their weight to resist soil pressure. They are usually made big to offer enough resistance to retain extremely loose soil. Gravity walls are often technical and are best handled by experienced concrete contractors like us at Danville’s Concrete and Masonry Co. Give us a call today at (925) 900-5404 , and we will be there as soon as we can to give you a strong gravity wall.

Anchored Walls

These are common walls built in limited spaces. If you are working on extremely loose soil, an anchored wall is the best option to go for. Cable rods rooted into the ground make these types of walls very strong. A concrete contractor with affordable services like us guarantees you quality work. Get in touch with us today and get what is best for your concrete projects.

Sheet Piling

For a sheet piling wall, we do drive planks of vinyl, fiberglass, or wood deep into the ground. Sheet piling walls may not be as strong as the anchor, but they also offer enough strength to resist soil pressure. Talk to us at Danville’s Masonry and Concrete Co. if you are having trouble working on loose soil in Danville.

Cantilevered Walls

These walls are often made from steel-reinforced or prestressed concrete. Depending on your preferences, a cantilevered wall can be made on or off-site.

Whatever might be your reason, we at Danville’s Masonry and Concrete Co. are here for you. Contact us today for a quote about retaining your walls.