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As you begin reading this you may have a precise plan for the work you need to be done on your home or business. Perhaps it’s something as simple as a flight of concrete stairs. Maybe you’d like a brick retaining wall to hold back soil on a sloping lawn. Or is it marble flooring that currently trips your fancy? Whichever the case, now comes the time to make sure the services of a contractor line up with the project. And we’re happy to say that you’ve come to the right place. Dial (925) 900-5404 to get free quotes.

Our services cover all of the above mentioned plus a plethora of others. Listing them here might constitute forming a book, so to save you some time, here’s a condensed version:

Danville Concrete Services

Our most popular concrete projects are driveways, patios, and pool decks. But don’t type us too soon. We also do things like:

Concrete is capable of many colors and designs and Danville’s Concrete & Masonry Co. catches hold of them all. Contact us today for more information.

Danville Natural Stone

You can also call us to create projects with natural stone. Granite countertops, flagstone patios, travertine walkways, and sandstone pillars are merely the start of our prowess. We use stone pavers or, for vertical surfaces, stone veneer should th0e customer be so inclined. Natural stone gives bragging rights to those who value authenticity along with the kind of beauty that only comes quarried from the earth.

Danville Brick Masonry

Last but not least comes brick. Here we have a material that can create atmospheres suitable for all four seasons while looking magnificently handsome in the bargain. Our brickwork includes:

Excellent Concrete and Masonry Services in Danville, CA

The list goes on but this should give you the gist. As with concrete and stone, brickwork is one of our specialties.

For excellent service from a contractor, you can trust, call Danville’s Concrete & Masonry Co. today at (925) 900-5404.

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