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Stone masonry is the oldest stone craft for creating building structures by using stone as the primary material. Masonry is the art and craft of cutting, sizing, and dressing the naturally occurring stone, and rock into perfect geometrical shapes and arranging them with mortar to create the desired structure. Stone masonry is no more dependent on the inherited skill.

For doing the perfect masonry work, the stonemason has to undergo comprehensive training in the designated classroom and acquire the required skill by practically working in the working environment. We at Danville’s Concrete & Masonry Co. are well-staffed with such skilled stonemasons.

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Choosing Available Stone in Danville

Basically, stones may be natural or artificial. Natural stones are further categorized as Igneous, Metaphoric, and Sedimentary.

Igneous Stones

They are formed from molten lava and are thus the hardest of all stones. It is generally used for strength and durability such as in countertops, kerbstones, flooring, and breakwaters. Other varieties include basalt, pumice, and scoria.

Metaphoric Stone

It includes marble that comes in various colors and is used for carving statues and for facing of buildings of the Italian Renaissance. Slate has finer grains and is used in memorials and inscriptions.


It mainly includes limestone and sandstone.

  • Fixer Masons specialize in fix the sized stones by using grouts, lifting tackle, and mortar. Other approaches involved¬† are simple cramps, specialized fixing, and stone cladding
  • Rubble Masonry is uneven and rough building stone by setting in the mortar
  • Ashlar masonry uses sized and dressed stones
  • Stone veneer of 1 inch is applied for decorative covering of exterior and interior surfaces and walls
  • Slipform stonemasonry is done with the aid of formwork so as to contain the mortar, and stone together firmly

Uses of Stone Masonry

  • Building foundations, pillars, walls, piers, and architectural works
  • Beams, lintels, domes, and beam Arches
  • Roof and roof coverings
  • Cladding works
  • Dams, monumental structures, and lighthouses
  • Paving stone jobs

Reasons for Using Stone Masonry

    • Availability of natural stones to the proximity of construction. At the same time, there is the availability of experienced masonry contractors
    • Ease of working by the trained masons
    • Strength, durability, and stability of the constructed structure
    • Polishing characteristics that give a good look and appearance
    • Economy and elegance

Getting Good Quality Stone Masonry

  • Stones should be tough, hard, and durable
  • Stones should be put one over the other so that the pressure is vertical
  • Stones need to be perfectly dressed
  • Large flat stones should be used under the ends of girders so that load is uniformly distributed
  • Mortar should be made with a prescribed proportion of cement and sand
  • Instead of taking the tensile strength, it should be designed to take compression
  • Proper curing must be done
  • Broken stones or stone chips should not be used.

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