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It is a very good and environment-friendly idea to live in a place that has the elements and feel of natural essentials. Stone is a very good material to decorate the interior and exterior of your home and office. They have the required strength and appeal to support the structure of any type.

When it comes to using stone for decorative purposes, there could be certain limitations. Hence, researchers have come out with the idea of Danville stone veneers that has striking similarities to stone. They are lightweight, easy to install, and lesser expensive. Stone veneers can be used in versatile ways by architects and builders.

We, at Danville’s Concrete & Masonry Co., install Danville stone veneers at multiple ways to the fireplace facings, chimneys, foundations, etc.

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Most Innovative Stone Veneer Construction

Stone veneer comes in a very thin layer, which gives it the flexibility to install or pave any area. It comes from natural stone and is also man-made. The artificial stone veneer is made from concrete and aggregate materials designed to resemble natural stone. The liquid mix of concrete and other materials are then pressed into molds to achieve desired designs. Veneers made of natural stone were prevalent earlier, but that was not strong enough, and its architectural stability was also weak. Moreover, cutting a thick slab of natural stone to thin layers perfectly was not completely successful.

Keeping in the above issue with natural stone, manufacturers started using the concrete mix for stone veneers. The use of cement in constructing a stone veneer gives it the stability required for erecting architecturally perfect structures.

At Danville’s Concrete & Masonry Co., we use products and molds that replicate all the attributes and properties of natural stone like roughness and unique textures.

Benefits of Stone Veneers

You will be amazed to see the benefits of stone veneers and will prefer to use them for the decoration of your house. Stone veneers are in use for ages, and their demand is regularly growing. You get a great opportunity to enhance your home décor by using stone veneers.

Stone veneers are a great way to highlight any desired are of your home. It can highlight both the interior and the outdoor area with an equal feel. A place like an outdoor gate, pond area, garden area, outdoor fireplace, etc. is best suited to install stone veneers.

It is compatible with all kinds of surfaces like wood, metal, rock, gyprock, brick, etc. and there are no compatibility issues. The other major advantage of using a stone veneer is that they are lightweight and can easily be transported from one place to another, unlike heavy natural stones.

Getting the Best Stone Veneer

Stone veneers are comparatively economical and a cheaper option to replace costly stones to décor various areas of your home. You can achieve the desired shape and size as manufactured veneers are easy to cut and mold.

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