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Developments take place to improve the aesthetics of outdoor landscapes, and one such latest craze in the landscaping world is turf installation. This is probably the best solution for metropolitan cities where there is less space for greenery. The idea of faux grass, fake grass, or synthetic grass can be incorporated in small spaces like balcony, rooftops, kitchen garden, etc. it is a smart choice for many reasons like little maintenance, easier upkeep, and can be installed in lesser time. You do not have to wait for grasses to grow, unlike in real grass. 

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Advantages of Artificial Grass

People have started moving towards fake grass installation for home gardens and lawns. The primary reason is that there are multiple-choice with fake grass like in-fill, non-in-fill, and hybrid grass. A combination of both real and fake grass also makes a good combination for lawns and gardens. Artificial grass is also used for larger space like sports stadiums and pitches and is known as AstroTurf. 

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Withstanding Power

It is a good option to cover the outdoor playing area with faux grass because they have good withstanding power. Games like trampoline are set above the ground, and the grass under it does not receive sunlight. In the absence of natural sunlight, the natural grass dies; hence faux grass is the best idea for such places. Moreover, continuous footfalls will trample the real grass to avoid this use of synthetic grass. 

Looks Evergreen

Artificial grass is as amazing as real grass, and it remains green in all seasons. The length also stays of the same height, and mowing is needed, unlike real grass. 

Dries Fast

The faux grass dries very fast after rainfalls, and you can play on it year-around. This is one of the best benefits of turf installation compared to real grass. 


Synthetic grass has a flat surface that provides comforts to foot, and it is incredibly durable. Artificial turf lasts longer than natural grass, and they do not show ugly uneven patches. 

No Pesticides/Fertilizers

Natural grass requires regular sprays of pesticides and fertilizers to look their best. But this is not the case with faux grass as they remain free from grabs and other pests. This keeps your kids and pets safe from deadly chemicals and relieves you from tension. 

No Watering Required

This is the best benefit for many artificial turf owners. There is no need to water faux grass surfaces as they are unreal. This saves a lot of time, and you can devote it resting on the artificial turf with family. The other benefit of synthetic grass is that it requires low maintenance as the job of mowing, spraying pesticides, watering, etc. are absent with it. 

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